Mr. R. K. Dubeythe banker, has experienced various roles in Banking and Finance ecosystem of India. His incisive knowledge on Banking and Finance was the game changer, and truly recognized by who’s who from various sectors. His indelible role as director and member of banking and financial organizations was credited for showing exemplary seriousness to the hard work.  Between January 2013 & September 2014, Mr. R. K. Dubey, held key positions, viz-a-viz Chairman of domestic subsidiaries / Joint Ventures, Honorary Fellow of Indian Institute of Banking & Finance (IIBF) and Member of the Governing Council; Chairman – IBA Committee on Agro Business and MSME and the Member – CII National Council on Financial Sector Development.

Mr. Dubey’s role as a director of Delhi Financial Corporation (DFC) and Regional Rural Bank at Gaya, Bihar had been incredibly well. Wearing a robe of Banker and an Academician, Mr. R.K. Dubey has always worked for innovation. He is one of the rarest bankers gifted with vision and intuition, and this is clearly showcased by the work carried out by her on different levels. Mr. R. K. Dubey also had the opportunity to undertake several trainings and courses at various prestigious institutes; some of them include AMDP on Leading Change, MDI Gurgaon in Europe, strategic management of FIs Cambridge in the UK and Post Graduate Diploma in Development Banking, Manchester, UK and the CAIIB.

He has keen interest and exploited his professionalism to the full extent in areas such as Leadership, Administration and General Management. In the areas relevant to Human Resources, Mr. R. K. Dubey’s focus was specifically on Training and Development, Mentoring, Talent Management and Interpersonal Relationship. He is also the finest of professionals in the Finance and Banking sector, with the penchant in the field of Corporate Credit, MSME, Retail Credit, Financial Inclusion, Priority Sector Credit, Marketing and advanced Banking Technology. Much to everybody’s amazement, the uniqueness in the leadership acumen of Mr. R. K. Dubey has been acknowledged as well as appreciated by none other than Padmashri Prof. Dr. Pritam Singh in his book – ‘The Leadership Odyssey – From Darkness to Light’.